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2/5/2017 Debbie Halstead 8/6/2017 Lonnie Levan
2/12/2017 Alicia Bell 8/13/2017 George Beadle
2/19/2017 George Beadle 8/20/2017 Alicia Bell
2/26/2017 Matt Shaff 8/27/2017 Frank Halstead
3/5/2017 Jerry Hefley 9/3/2017 Jerry Hefley
3/12/2017 Lynn Polochock 9/10/2017 Debbie Halstead
3/19/2017 Lonnie Levan 9/17/2017 George Beadle
3/26/2017 Frank Halstead 9/24/2017 Nancy Roets
4/2/2017 Lori Chociej 10/1/2017 Matt Shaff
4/9/2017 Alicia Bell 10/8/2017 Lynn Polochock
4/16/2017 Jerry Hefley 10/15/2017 Jo Shaff
4/23/2017 Jo Shaff 10/22/2017 George Beadle
4/30/2017 Debbie Halstead 10/29/2017 Alicia Bell
5/7/2017 Matt Shaff 11/5/2017 Lori Chociej
5/14/2017 George Beadle 11/12/2017 Frank Halstead
5/21/2017 Nancy Roets 11/19/2017 George Beadle
5/28/2017 Frank Halstead 11/26/2017 Alicia Bell
6/4/2017 Lonnie Levan 12/3/2017 Debbie Halstead
6/11/2017 Lynn Polochock 12/10/2017 Jerry Hefley
6/18/2017 Debbie Halstead 12/17/2017 George Beadle
6/25/2017 Alicia Bell 12/24/2017 Lonnie Levan
7/2/2017 George Beadle 1/7/2018 Jo Shaff
7/9/2017 Jo Shaff          1/14/2018 Lori Chociej
7/16/2017 Nancy Roets 1/21/2018 Nancy Roets
7/23/2017 Frank Halstead 1/28/2018 Matt Shaff
7/30/2017 Debbie Halstead

*If you are unable to be a Lay Reader on your designated date, please contact someone else on this list to switch with. Also contact Lisa Crego or George Beadle to inform either one of the switch so that Lisa can forward the change to Gary Smith. As a Lay Reader, here are a few things to remember:

1. Always use the Old and New Testament readings provided on the lectern.

2. Please help with the collection plates when the ushers come forward.

3. If you are a Lay Reader on communion Sunday, please feel free, after the collection plates are passed out, to go and join your family in the pews as the ushers on that Sunday will be Communion servers.