Please consider being our guest in worship no matter where you are spiritually – skeptical about Christianity, or a committed follower of Jesus.

Worship is like a conversation…

  • God takes the initiative
    • Calling us in
    • Assuring that He accepts us because of Jesus
    • Speaking to us through the scriptures
    • Communicating what He has done for us through The Lord’s Supper and baptism
    • Assuring us of His presence with us as we go to the world for its healing
  • We respond to God
    • Singing the goodness, justice, power and wisdom of God
    • Believing His promises
    • Speaking our hearts to God in prayer
    • Committing to live based on the good news of Jesus

The United Church in worship…

  • Most folks dress casually
  • Receive a greeting and worship guide upon entering
  • Words to songs and hymns are projected on a screen for all to see
  • Coffee and conversation follow worship in the lobby

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